Homeless Incentive Program (HIP)

The Housing Authority is proud to announce the Homeless Incentive Program (HIP), which encompasses groundbreaking components to end homelessness in Los Angeles County. These components encourage landlord acceptance of subsidized tenants with a voucher issued by the Housing Authority.  Funding for these components comes as part of the Homeless Prevention Initiative, a collaborative effort between multiple County agencies funded by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Please explore the different components of HIP. 

Holding Fee
Receive one month's free rent to hold available housing units for homeless individuals or families. 
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Move-In Assistance 
Provides move-in assistance such as security deposit, utility assistance, and furniture essentials. 

Damage Claims
Provides financial assistance to landlords to mitigate damage caused by tenants during their occupancy.

Contact Information

Phone: (626) 586-1585 | Email: HIP@hacola.org