Homeless Incentive Program (HIP)

More than 850 people have been housed since the launch
of the County's landlord incentive programs.


The Housing Authority's Homeless Incentive Program (HIP) offers monetary incentives to encourage landlords to rent their available units to HACoLA's homeless Section 8 voucher holders. Funding for the program comes as part of the Homeless Prevention Initiative, a collaborative effort between multiple County agencies supported by funding from Los Angeles County Measure H. Please explore the different components of HIP. HACoLA executed Interagency agreements with the following cities to operate a HIP program: City of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Holding Fee
Receive one month's free rent to hold available housing units for homeless individuals or families. 
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Payment of Rental Application Fees
Provides payment of all applicable application fees, up to $50.00* per adult per application.
            * This amount is subject to change based on California's maximum application screening fee.   

Move-in Assistance
Provides move-in assistance such as security deposit, utility assistance, and furniture essentials. 

Vacancy Loss Payments
Provides owners with Vacancy Loss Payments in the amount of one month’s rent, if the family vacates the unit without proper notice or if the family is evicted from the unit for good cause.

Damage Claims
Provides financial assistance to landlords to mitigate damage caused by tenants during their occupancy.

Contact Information

Phone: (626) 586-1585 | Email: HIP@hacola.org