Section 8 Program - Owners

Tenant Issues and Contract Terminations

Here you will find information on how to handle tenant lease violations, an explanation on the eviction process, and how to terminate a Section 8 contract.

Owners - Tenant Issues and Contract Terminations FAQS

  • What should I do if a Section 8 tenant is not complying with the lease, not paying rent (on time or at all), or doing something illegal?

  • How can the Housing Authority help me resolve a tenant issue?

  • How can I evict a Section 8 tenant? Does the Housing Authority get involved in the process?

  • What recourse is available to me to collect monies owed if a tenant is being evicted for non-payment of rent?

  • The Section 8 tenant is moving soon and has stopped paying their portion of the rent. What do I do?

  • If I suspect fraud or criminal activity, who do I call to report it? Can I remain anonymous?

  • What should I do if additional people move into the Section 8 unit?

  • When can I terminate a contract for a Section 8 tenant? How many days notice must I give?

  • If a Section 8 tenant gives me a vacate notice, then changes his or her mind, am I obligated to continue the contract and/or give an extension?

  • What should I do if I decide not to terminate the Section 8 contract or at least not at that time?

  • If a Section 8 tenant abandons the assisted unit, at what point will HACoLA stop paying?

  • When is a new lease required? How do I make changes to the lease?