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Welcome to the Community Development Commission (CDC) and Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles’ (Housing Authority) Fiscal Year (FY) 2015-16 Year End Highlights (YEH). We are pleased to share with you this video which highlights the new and sustainable best practices that keep the CDC and Housing Authority ahead of the curve, and allow us to advance our core mission to Build Better Lives and Better Neighborhoods.

What's Inside this Issue?

The photo gallery below provides a preview of the agency's most noteworthy projects and programs.

  • CREA
  • Elevators and Pedestrian Bridges
  • Landlord VIP
  • Teague Terrace
  • Reality Check Conference
  • Operation Libraries
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative Services
  • Residential Sound Insulation Program

Year End Highlights

2015-2016 YEH


The agency's Year End Highlights has been recognized by marketing and publication organizations, such as APEX and MarCom, for each of its past five reports.

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