Family Self-Sufficiency Program


What is the FSS Program? 

The FSS Program is a five-year voluntary program designed to help families achieve self-sufficiency by providing case management and referrals to supportive social services not limited to:

- Career Counseling        - Money Management       - Job Search        - Family Counseling 
- Education        - Childcare        - Savings        - Job Training
- Home Ownership        - ESL Courses        - Credit Counseling        - Transportation 



Who is eligible?

To participate, a family must be a Public Housing or Section 8 participant of the Housing Authority. Participation is voluntary; the only requirements are a willingness to seek employment and a desire to become self-sufficient. 

What is the incentive for joining?

The incentive for participating in the FSS program is a unique savings opportunity to qualifying families known as an escrow account, which is a savings account created and maintained by the Housing Authority. 

FSS Spotlight

Rashawn Davis joined the FSS Program in July 2012 with the goals of earning a degree, obtaining employment, and becoming a homeowner. While enrolled in the FSS program she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work which resulted in employment with Los Angeles County.  Ms. Davis graduated the FSS Program early with escrow savings that assisted with the transition out of the Section 8 Program and now with the process of becoming a homeowner.