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Housing Vouchers and Landlord Incentives

The Housing Authority offers several programs to assist homeless individuals, families, and Veterans secure stable housing.

                HIP     VASH


Public Housing Preference

The Housing Authority has historically given priority to homeless families, veterans, and victims of domestic violence seeking placement in public housing.  On July 1, 2016, The Housing Authority's Public Housing Program implemented a new initiative as an additional means of addressing the area’s homeless crisis. As units at the South Scattered Sites Public Housing become available, they are now offered to a homeless family first. 

Learn more about Ms. Beacham and the Housing Authority's public housing preference in the video above.


For information about the County's collective efforts to combat homelessness, please visit:



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The County’s Homeless Initiative strategies represent the best thinking of frontline stakeholders from all walks of life. The CDC and Housing Authority are proud to be key players in this monumental effort. For a list of CDC/Housing Authority related strategies, click here.

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